About Norman Asch
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About Norman


Norman Asch is a wildlife and portrait photographer based out of New York City. His mother, Kathleen Diana Asch, is a noted philanthropist and CEO of the family business, and he was expected to follow in her footsteps. However, he decided to strike out on his own and become a wildlife photographer.


He has experience working in both Africa and the Amazon. He recently decided to settle down in New York and diversify his photography services as well as teach classes to young aspiring photographers. To learn more about Asch, read on.

The Asch Family

Norman Asch is the scion of the illustrious Asch Family. This is the same family that founded and still owns the Forbes 500 Corporation Asch Industries. In fact, his mother, Kathleen Diana Ash, is the CEO of Asch Industries. She’s also a noted philanthropist.


Many people assumed that Norman Asch would eventually become the head of the family business. After all, this is the way that it has worked for five generations. Norman’s siblings went into the business. However, he was different. He always showed a preference for marching to the beat of his own drummer, and he was always drawn to art – especially photography.

Moving To New York

Like so many other artists, Norman Asch decided to move to New York. He was only 14 when he moved to New York to study photography at the Botticelli School For Young Artists.


Here, he studied under many notable photographers, including Hervey “Ace” and Anna Glickstein. The couple immediately saw his enormous potential and decided to take him under their wing. They personally mentored and tutored him in the art of wildlife photography. Norman Asch graduated from the Botticelli School and moved on to NYU to continue studying photography. After he graduated with honors, he decided to start his career as a traveling wildlife photographer.

Early Work

Norman Asch began working as a traveling wildlife photographer immediately upon his graduation from NYU. He traveled all over the world for his work, especially to the Amazon Delta and to Sub-Saharan Africa. Norman Asch’s work quickly began to gain popularity, and his name became well-known in wildlife photography circles. After several years of success, Asch decided to settle down. He still takes occasional travel wildlife photography jobs on assignment. However, Asch has settled down to focus on working out of a studio he founded in New York.

Opening A Studio In New York

In 2019, Norman Asch bought and opened a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is now based out of New York, his adopted hometown. Of course, Norman Asch often travels for photography assignments. He is available for travel wildlife photography. Asch is also practicing portrait photography out of his studio. He is additionally conducting photography workshops on a regular basis out of his studio. These workshops are targeting toward young, aspiring photographers. Asch was once a young, aspiring photographer in New York himself, so he cares greatly about helping those in the same position.

Contact Asch Photography For More Info

If you want to get more info on Asch and the services he offers, contact him to learn more. He’ll be happy to respond within a couple of business days with the info you are seeking. Asch will also be happy to give you a quote if you are interested in hiring him for a photography job. Whether you’re looking for portrait photography work or travel wildlife photography work, he’s your guy. Contact him today to get more info, get a quote, or simply to ask any question you may have.