Norman Asch Wildlife & Portrait Photography Services
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Wildlife & Portrait Photography Services


Norman Asch’s fully equipped studios allow him to offer a full range of portrait services. The portrait offerings at his studio include:


  • Black and white: Asch’s selection of professional cameras allow him to offer black and white pictures in both digital and film formats. Many portrait sitters who want to get black and white pictures choose film for a classic look.
  • Color: Norman’s fine cameras can also produce high-quality color portraits in digital or film formats. Norman’s editing expertise and equipment also allow him to adjust the coloring on each picture to give you a signature look.


Asch also offers different packages based on the number of backgrounds desired. These packages include:


  • 3 backgrounds
  • 6 backgrounds
  • 12 backgrounds

Wildlife Photography

Asch’s background is in wildlife photography, and he is still happy to take on the right assignment. The packages he offers all include travel, editing, the use of professional equipment, and more in addition to the photography itself. See below for more detail on Asch’s wildlife photography packages.


Copyright Retained: This package includes one-time use of the pictures. Asch’s copyright on the pictures stays with him.


Copyright Included: This wildlife photography package includes the copyrights to the pictures in perpetuity.


Copyright + Signed Prints: This premium package includes copyrights in perpetuity and Norman Asch’s artist prints with his signature.